NYT: 36 hours in Zagreb

NYT: 36 hours in Zagreb

TIRAMOLA & New York Times

The New York Times is 10.6. In 2015 he made a great reportage and a propaganda film about Zagreb titled 36 hours in Zagreb. The enthusiasm of a US journalist with the city of Zagreb, its restaurants, museums, stores has been portrayed by all the portals and the press and among the three restaurants mentioned by this established and respected newspaper, Bistro Fotić found its place.

Bistro Fotić, besides a variety of delicious palate snacks such as meat and fish dishes, homemade pasta and pastries, has recently included a new pizza called Tiramola. Titamola is special in that, apart from a brushed dough made with extra virgin olive oil, the ingredients from which it is prepared are the simplest but therefore the finest. Homemade tomato and non-spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella bufalla, fresh basil, calamata olives, salt blossoms as a spice that you put on your wish and the most important ingredient of the San Danielli high quality prosciutto.

Tyramolans in Dalmatia call the ropes that dry between the picturesque narrow Mediterranean alleys, and pizza has therefore been named for hanging ham on the rope so as not to lose its flavor and texture in the hot lace.

American journalist Alex Crevar, who was anonymous in Zagreb, made a great propaganda not only for Bistro Fotić and others he wrote about primarily for Zagreb’s tourist promise.