The oldest camera in the bistro Fotić!

The oldest camera in the bistro Fotić!

The reason more to visit Bistro Fotić is the largest portable (switchboard) camera in Croatia and certainly one of the largest in the world exposed at the front of the bistro.

The Czech photographer purchased the camera in our reputed photographer Josip Klaric in late 1976 while studying in Prague.

The photo camera dates from 1880 and is made in Germany.

The weight is 18 kg. and the dimensions of that old camera are 56 cm wide, 45 cm high and 68 cm long.

It was photographed by a wet process on glass panels of 30×40 cm.

One of the most prominent Czech photographers, Josef Sudek, offered Klaric an exposed lens.

The objective is American production from 1860. which means older than the camera.